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DotNetBrowser.Browser Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces and classes related to the browser API.
Public classBrowserDisposeOptions
The dispose options of the browser.
Public classBrowserViewExtensions
Extension methods for IBrowserView interface.
Public interfaceIBrowser
A web browser control that allows loading a web page or a local HTML file, accessing DOM and executing JavaScript on the loaded web page, getting notifications about loading progress, dispatching keyboard and mouse events, etc.
Public interfaceIBrowserSettings
The settings of the browser.
Public interfaceIBrowserView
The interface that is implemented by UI components which are able to display the browser.
Public enumerationPreferredColorScheme
The preferred color scheme for the web content in the browser.
Public enumerationSavePageType
Determines how the web page will be saved.
Public enumerationWebRtcIpHandlingPolicy
The media performance/privacy tradeoffs which affect how WebRTC traffic will be routed and how much local address information will be exposed.