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DotNetBrowser.Browser.Dialogs.Handlers Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces and classes related to the handlers of the browser dialogs.
Public classAlertParameters
The parameters of the AlertHandler.
Public classBeforeUnloadParameters
The parameters of the BeforeUnloadHandler.
Public classBeforeUnloadResponse
The response to the BeforeUnloadHandler.
Public classCommonDialogParameters
The base class for common dialog parameters.
Public classConfirmParameters
The parameters of the ConfirmHandler.
Public classConfirmResponse
The response to the ConfirmHandler.
Public classDialogParameters
The base class for dialog parameters.
Public classFileChooserParameters
The base class for the common file chooser parameters.
Public classFilteredFileChooserParameters
The base class for the common parameters of the file chooser with file filter.
Public classOpenDirectoryParameters
The parameters of the OpenDirectoryHandler.
Public classOpenDirectoryResponse
The response to the OpenDirectoryHandler.
Public classOpenExternalAppParameters
The parameters of the OpenExternalAppHandler.
Public classOpenExternalAppResponse
The response to the OpenExternalAppHandler.
Public classOpenFileParameters
The parameters of the OpenFileHandler.
Public classOpenFileResponse
The response to the OpenFileHandler.
Public classOpenMultipleFilesParameters
The parameters of the OpenMultipleFilesHandler.
Public classOpenMultipleFilesResponse
The response to the OpenMultipleFilesHandler.
Public classPromptParameters
The parameters of the PromptHandler.
Public classPromptResponse
The response to the PromptHandler.
Public classRepostFormParameters
The parameters of the RepostFormHandler.
Public classRepostFormResponse
The response to the RepostFormHandler.
Public classSaveAsPdfParameters
The parameters of the SaveAsPdfHandler.
Public classSaveAsPdfResponse
The response to the SaveAsPdfHandler.
Public classSelectCertificateParameters
The parameters of the SelectCertificateHandler.
Public classSelectCertificateResponse
The response to SelectCertificateHandler
Public classSelectColorParameters
The parameters for the SelectColorHandler.
Public classSelectColorResponse
The response to the SelectColorHandler.
Public enumerationBeforeUnloadCause
Describes the cause of the onbeforeunload dialog.