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DotNetBrowser.Net.Events Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces and classes related to the network events.
Public classConnectionTypeChangedEventArgs
Event arguments for the ConnectionTypeChanged event.
Public classNetworkEventArgs
The base class for INetwork event arguments.
Public classPacScriptErrorEventArgs
Event arguments for the PacScriptErrorOccurred event.
Public classRedirectResponseCodeReceivedEventArgs
Event arguments for the RedirectResponseCodeReceived event.
Public classRequestCompletedEventArgs
Event arguments for the RequestCompleted event.
Public classRequestDestroyedEventArgs
Event arguments for the RequestDestroyed event.
Public classResponseBytesReceivedEventArgs
Event arguments for the ResponseBytesReceived event.
Public classResponseStartedEventArgs
Event arguments for the ResponseStarted event.
Public enumerationConnectionType
The network connection type.