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DotNetBrowser.Frames Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces and classes related to the Frames API.
Public classEditorCommand
Provides the supported commands that can be executed in a IFrame.
Public classWebStorageException
Thrown by IWebStorage properties and methods to indicate that the requested operation failed. This is a superclass of the exceptions that can be thrown during working with IWebStorage.
Public classWebStorageOverflowException
Thrown by IWebStorage indexer if the new value size exceeds the available space in the storage.
Public classWebStorageSecurityException
Thrown by IWebStorage methods if the access to the web storage is forbidden for the current document.
Public interfaceIFrame
Represents a frame in the browser. Each web page loaded in the browser has a main(top-level) frame. The frame itself may have child frames. When a web page is unloaded, its frame and all child frames are closed automatically.
Public interfaceIWebStorage

An HTML WebStorage.

Provides access to the session storage or local storage for a particular document on the loaded web page. Allows you to add, modify, or delete the stored items.