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DotNetBrowser.Js Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces and classes related to the DotNetBrowser JavaScript API and JS-.NET bridge.
Public classJsException
Thrown when an exception is raised in JavaScript.
Public classJsonExtensions
Contains methods for working with JSON strings
Public interfaceIJsFunction
A JavaScript function that can be passed between .NET and JavaScript as a method argument or a return value. The function lifetime is bound to the lifetime of the frame this function belongs to. When the owner frame is unloaded, all the JavaScript objects are automatically disposed. An attempt to access a disposed JavaScript object will result in ObjectDisposedException
Public interfaceIJsObject
Represents a JavaScript object. Provides access to the object's properties and functions. The JavaScript object is alive until its JavaScript execution context exist. Once execution context is disposed, all JavaScript objects available in the scope of this context will be automatically disposed. If you try to access already disposed object, you will get an ObjectDisposedException.
Public interfaceIJsObjectPropertyCollection
The JavaScript object properties.
Public interfaceIJsPromise
The JavaScript Promise.