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DotNetBrowser.Dom Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces and classes related to the DotNetBrowser DOM API.
Public classDomException
Thrown when an operation on the DOM element fails.
Public classPointInspection
Provides information about a DOM node at the specified point inside the loaded document.
Public interfaceIAttribute
Represents DOM HTML attribute.
Public interfaceIAttributes
A dictionary that contains IElement attributes. Modifying this dictionary will lead to modifying the element attributes.
Public interfaceIDocument
Represents DOM HTML document of the web page.
Public interfaceIElement
Represents DOM HTML element.
Public interfaceIFormControlElement
Represents the form control element.
Public interfaceIFormElement
Represents DOM HTML Form element.
Public interfaceIFrameElement
Represents an HTML <frame> or <iframe> element.
Public interfaceIImageElement
Represents DOM HTML image element <img>.
Public interfaceIInputElement
Represents the DOM element with <input> tag.
Public interfaceINode
A single HTML DOM node in the document tree. All DOM objects implement the INode interface.
Public interfaceINodeCollection
Represents a collection of the DOM nodes.
Public interfaceIOptionElement
Represents the DOM HTML <option> element.
Public interfaceISearchContext
The base interface for search that is implemented by the DOM objects that provide search mechanisms.
Public interfaceISelectElement
Represents DOM HTML <select> element.
Public interfaceITextAreaElement
Represents DOM HTML <textarea> element.
Public enumerationAlignTo
Represents the values that can be used to describe how the element will be aligned to the visible area of the scrollable ancestor.
Public enumerationDocumentPosition
Enumeration of the document position that represent the relationship between two nodes within the Document.
Public enumerationNodeType
Represents the node types that can be used to distinguish different kind of nodes (such as an HTML element, text, attribute) from each other.