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DotNetBrowser.Engine Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces and classes related to the engine API.
Public classBinariesExtractionOptions
The options that are used to configure the Chromium binaries extraction process.
Public classChromiumBinariesMissingException
Thrown when the engine initialization fails due to missing compatible Chromium binaries.
Public classConnectionClosedException
The exception thrown when the connection to the Chromium engine appears to be closed.
Public classEngineFactory
Factory class that is used to create IEngine instances.
Public classEngineInitializationException
The base class for those exceptions that can be thrown during IEngine initialization.
Public classEngineOptions
The options that are used to configure IEngine instances.
Public classEngineOptionsBuilder
A builder class to construct engine options.
Public classInvalidLicenseException
Thrown when the given license is invalid.
Public classLicenseException
The base class for those exceptions that can be thrown during license checking.
Public classNoLicenseException
Thrown when no license found.
Public classPasswordStore
Defines password store types that are used to specify which encryption storage backend to use to encrypt cookies on Linux.
Public interfaceIEngine
Provides access to the Chromium engine functionality.
Public enumerationProprietaryFeatures
The list of supported proprietary features.
Public enumerationRenderingMode
The supported rendering modes.