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DotNetBrowser.Browser.Handlers Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces and classes related to the handlers of various browser callbacks.
Public classBrowserParameters
The base class for IBrowser handlers parameters.
Public classCreatePopupParameters
The parameters of the CreatePopupHandler.
Public classCreatePopupResponse
The response to the CreatePopupHandler.
Public classFrameParameters
Represents the parameters of IBrowser-related handlers associated with IFrame.
Public classInjectCssParameters
The parameters of the InjectCssHandler.
Public classInjectCssResponse
The response to the InjectCssHandler.
Public classInjectJsParameters
The parameters of the InjectJsHandler.
Public classOpenPopupParameters
The parameters of the OpenPopupHandler.
Public classRequestPdfDocumentPasswordParameters
The parameters of the RequestPdfDocumentPasswordHandler.
Public classRequestPdfDocumentPasswordResponse
The response to the RequestPdfDocumentPasswordHandler.
Public classRequestPrintParameters
The parameters of the RequestPrintHandler.
Public classRequestPrintResponse
The response to the RequestPrintHandler.
Public classShowContextMenuParameters
The parameters of the ShowContextMenuHandler.
Public classShowContextMenuResponse
The response to the ShowContextMenuHandler.