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DotNetBrowser.Dom.Events Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces and classes related to the DotNetBrowser DOM events.
Public classDomEventArgs
The common DOM event arguments.
Public classEvent
Represents a DOM event that can be handled on the .NET side.
Public classEventParameters
The parameters of creating the DOM event.
Public classEventParametersBuilder
The EventParameters builder.
Public classEventType
The DOM event type. Wraps a string that specifies the name of the event without the "on" prefix.
Public classKeyEventParameters
Represents the DOM keyboard event parameters.
Public classMouseEventParameters
Represents the DOM mouse event parameters.
Public classUiEventModifierParameters
Represents the DOM UI event parameters with the key modifiers.
Public interfaceIEvent
Represents DOM Event object and provides access to the event object data.
Public interfaceIEvents
A collection of custom DOM events that can be listened and/or handled.
Public interfaceIEventTarget
This interface is implemented by all INode implementations to support DOM event model.
Public interfaceIKeyEvent
Represents a keyboard event and provides an access to specific keyboard event data.

This event occurs when a user performs some keyboard action, for example presses or releases a keyboard key.

Public interfaceIMouseEvent
Represents a mouse event and provides an access to specific mouse event data.

This event occurs when a user performs an action with a pointing device (such as a mouse), for example moves the mouse or clicks a mouse button.

Public interfaceIUiKeyEventModifier
Represents a DOM UI event that can be fired with the key modifiers.

The KeyModifiers provides access to the data about pressed service keys, such as Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Meta, when a keyboard or mouse event occurs.

Public interfaceIWheelEvent
A wheel event that provides access to the wheel event data.

This event occurs when a user rotates a wheel on a pointing device (such as a mouse).

Public enumerationDeltaMode
The type of the delta units.
Public enumerationDomKeyCode
The DOM key codes represent physical keys on the keyboard (as opposed to the character generated by pressing the key). In other words, these values are not altered by keyboard layout or the state of the modifier keys.
Public enumerationDomMouseButton
A DOM mouse button.
Public enumerationEventPhase
Represents the DOM event phases.