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DotNetBrowser.Navigation.Events Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces and classes related to the navigation events.
Public classFrameDocumentLoadFinishedEventArgs
Event arguments for the FrameDocumentLoadFinished event.
Public classFrameLoadFailedEventArgs
Event arguments for the FrameLoadFailed event.
Public classFrameLoadFinishedEventArgs
Event arguments for the FrameLoadFinished event.
Public classFrameNavigationEventArgs
The base class for all the INavigation event arguments containing IFrame.
Public classLoadFinishedEventArgs
Event arguments for the LoadFinished event.
Public classLoadProgressChangedEventArgs
Event arguments for the LoadProgressChanged event.
Public classLoadStartedEventArgs
Event arguments for the LoadStarted event.
Public classNavigationEventArgs
The base class for INavigation event arguments.
Public classNavigationFinishedEventArgs
Event arguments for the NavigationFinished event.
Public classNavigationRedirectedEventArgs
Event arguments for the NavigationRedirected event.
Public classNavigationStartedEventArgs
The event arguments for the NavigationStarted event.
Public classNavigationStoppedEventArgs
Event arguments for the NavigationStopped event.