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IPluginsAllowPluginHandler Property

Gets or sets a handler that is used when the engine wants to check whether a specific plugin is allowed or not.

Namespace:  DotNetBrowser.Plugins
Assembly:  DotNetBrowser (in DotNetBrowser.dll) Version: 2.23.3
IHandler<AllowPluginParameters, AllowPluginResponse> AllowPluginHandler { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: IHandlerAllowPluginParameters, AllowPluginResponse
ObjectDisposedExceptionThe IPlugins object has already been disposed.

Use the Allow method to allow the plugin.

Use the Deny method to deny the plugin.

If an exception occurs inside the handler implementation, the default behavior will be applied - the method Allow will be used.

Important: the engine will be blocked until the callback response is sent. It is not allowed to invoke any engine/browser methods in this callback.

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