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DotNetBrowser.Net.Handlers Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces and classes related to the handlers of the network callbacks.
Public classAuthenticateParameters
The parameters of the AuthenticateHandler.
Public classAuthenticateResponse
A response for the AuthenticateHandler.
Public classCanAccessFileParameters
The parameters of the CanAccessFileHandler.
Public classCanAccessFileResponse
A response for the CanAccessFileHandler.
Public classCanGetCookiesParameters
The parameters of the CanGetCookiesHandler.
Public classCanGetCookiesResponse
A response for the CanGetCookiesHandler.
Public classCanSetCookieParameters
The parameters of the CanSetCookieHandler.
Public classCanSetCookieResponse
A response for the CanSetCookieHandler.
Public classInterceptRequestParameters
The parameters of the scheme handler.
Public classInterceptRequestResponse
A response for the scheme handler.
Public classNetworkParameters
The base class for INetwork-related handlers parameters.
Public classReceiveHeadersParameters
The parameters of the ReceiveHeadersHandler.
Public classReceiveHeadersResponse
The response for the ReceiveHeadersHandler.
Public classSendUploadDataParameters
The parameters of the SendUploadDataHandler.
Public classSendUploadDataResponse
The response for the SendUploadDataHandler.
Public classSendUrlRequestParameters
The parameters of the SendUrlRequestHandler.
Public classSendUrlRequestResponse
A response of the SendUrlRequestHandler.
Public classStartTransactionParameters
The parameters of the StartTransactionHandler.
Public classStartTransactionResponse
A response for the StartTransactionHandler.
Public classUrlRequestJobOptions
The options needed to create the UrlRequestJob.
Public classUrlRequestParameters
The base class for all the INetwork-related handlers parameters containing UrlRequest.
Public classVerifyCertificateParameters
The parameters of the VerifyCertificateHandler.
Public classVerifyCertificateResponse
A response for the VerifyCertificateHandler
Public enumerationResourceType
The type of the resource being loaded.