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DotNetBrowser.Net.Proxy Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces and classes related to configuring proxies.
Public classAutoDetectProxySettings
With this proxy configuration the connection automatically detects proxy settings.
Public classCustomProxySettings
Describes a user's proxy settings.
Public classDirectProxySettings
With this proxy configuration the connection doesn't use a proxy server.
Public classPacProxySettings
With this proxy configuration the connection uses proxy settings received from proxy auto-config (PAC) file which is located at the specific address.

In case PAC script fails, a direct connection will be used.

Public classProxySettings
The base class for all proxy settings.
Public classSystemProxySettings
The system proxy settings defined by the operating system.
Public interfaceIProxy
The service that allows modifying the proxy configuration for the current engine.
Public enumerationProxyType
Types of proxy settings.